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All students in the school are offered the use of a locker for a fee of £20.

If your child would like the use of a locker the £20 fee should be paid, via ParentPay, before the close of play on Friday 25th August.  This is not an annual charge but is a one-off charge for the use of a locker throughout your child’s time at Poole Grammar School.

If you miss this deadline, your child could still be given a locker but they might not be allocated a locker right at the beginning of the autumn term.

Each student who has been allocated a locker will be given a key at the beginning of the autumn term. This is a unique key that opens a padlock that will already have been placed on their allocated locker. Replacement keys can be purchased for a fee of £5 and replacement padlocks for a fee of £20. Only official school padlocks may be used to secure lockers. A master key is held in the school office if students forget to bring their key to school.