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Emergencies & Medical Issues


It is essential for the school to hold a current emergency telephone number (preferably with an alternative) relating to each pupil at the school, which can be used if needed. It is essential that parents keep the school’s record of these numbers fully effective by notifying any change without delay. We would also like an up to date email address, if you have one, so that information can be passed quickly and not waste paper. Please inform the school of any changes which you think will affect your son.

Medical Issues

For some time, no aspirin-based product has been given to any unwell pupil by the school. Following instructions from the Local Authority, we are now unable to provide a paracetamol-style tablet to any pupil unless we have your specific instructions to do so. If your son suffers from migraine attacks or some other specific condition it is best for us to be aware of this – again, by letter please – and for him to carry with him personal medicine prescribed by his doctor, with clear directions on how it is to be taken in the event of need. If a boy suffers from any condition or allergy requiring particular medication it is essential that the school is informed and that appropriate procedures are agreed.