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Here at Poole Grammar School we aim to make the exam experience as successful and stress-free as possible. The exams department works closely with staff and students to ensure that this is achieved throughout public and mock examinations. Our intention is to provide students with all of the necessary information so that they are as well informed as possible for their exams.

This page should provide you with all of the information which you may need regarding examinations at Poole Grammar School. However, if you have any queries, please contact the exams office.

Examinations Officer: Miss Dawn Jones

Examinations Assistant: Mrs Anita Bonham



Exam Subjects at Poole Grammar School

A Level Subject information can be found here 

GCSE Subject information can be found here

The exam boards which Poole Grammar School use are:





Awarding Bodies (Exam Boards) are regulated by JCQ who produce the legislation for exams. Students should make themselves aware of the rules and regulations surrounding exams so that they are not subject to a malpractice investigation.

Certificate Collection

Past Certificates

We hold onto a number of certificates that have not been collected over the last 5 years, so if you don’t think you ever collected your certificates, please get in touch with The Exams Office at exams@poolegrammar.com. We can provide you with information on collection or secure postal delivery.

If we are unable to reunite you with your certificates, you will have to contact the Exam Boards directly for replacements or statements of results. Many have now amalgamated into 4 and are listed below:





Summer 2024

Exam board timetables for 2024 can be found:

A Level: A Level Exam Dates 2024

GCSE: GCSE Exam Dates 2024

JCQ have designated Thursday 6 June 2024 PM, Thursday 13 June 2024 PM and Wednesday 26 June 2024 as contingency days. Candidates must be available up to and including the 26 June in case an awarding body needs to use its contingency plan and reschedule exams.

 Results days have been confirmed as:

A Level: 15 August 2024

GCSE: 22 August 2024

Further information will be circulated to students and parents/ carers before the end of the school year.

Exam Policies

The following Poole Grammar School policies can be issued by The Exams Office upon request:

Internal appeals procedure

Non-examination assessment (NEA) policy

Policy for use of word processors in exams

Access arrangements for exams policy

Data Protection policy for exams

Post results and appeals procedure

Equalities for exams policy

Whistleblowing for exams policy

Special Consideration Policy

Malpractice policy

Appeals and Complaints

Poole Grammar School has an internal appeals policy which details what decisions students can appeal regarding non-examined assessment marks and the school’s decision not to support a review of marking or an appeal. Students are directed to read the document and in all cases the form at the end of the document should be completed and submitted to exams@poolegrammar.com.

For complaints regarding the school’s delivery or administration of a qualification, please read Poole Grammar School’s Complaints Policy.

Examination Information

The exams office have compiled a document for students which provide all of the necessary information they may need surrounding examinations, this can be found here.

Private Candidates

External candidates

Unfortunately, Poole Grammar School does not accept candidates who have no links with the school. If you were a previous student please contact exams@poolegrammar.com to discuss if we can accommodate your requirements.

Current Students

Students who wish to sit or resit a subject that they are not being taught, should get in touch with the exams office at the start of the school year to discuss if your request can be accommodated.

Exam Stress and Wellbeing

Click on the links below to take you to designated webpages for hints and tips on dealing with exams stress.



Student Minds




Examination Results

At Poole Grammar School external assessment in public examinations is taken through the 3 main examining bodies, AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Year 9 take a GCSE short course examination in ICT in the summer and the normal GCSE entry for Year 11 students is 10 subjects (English, English Literature, Mathematics, Religion and Philosophy, a Modern Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (or Double Award Science), plus two or three optional subjects).  Over half the year group take an additional Mathematics qualification of a more advanced nature.

In year 12/13 the core programme for most students is three A levels (four including Maths and Further Maths), enrichment and sport.  In addition, students may choose to study Core Mathematics, and/or the Extended Project qualification.  A wide range of enrichment opportunities are available, including volunteering with local organisations.

For Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 school performance data click here to view School Performance Tables.

A-level and GCSE results for the last 3 years:-

A Level Results 2023

A Level results 2022

A Level Results 2021 

GCSE Results 2023

GCSE Results 2022

GCSE Results 2021