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Student Planner/Diary

This is the key to your child’s organisation and the cornerstone of the partnership between parents/carers and the school to support your child’s education. It contains a lot of information – please encourage your child to read it.  It is often beneficial as well for parents/carers to check their child’s planner on a regular basis.

A good student planner should contain all of the following:

  • additional details of homework to that recorded on SIMS;
  • a homework timetable in the back of the diary to enable work set to be checked against it by staff and parents/carers;
  • reminders entered for the appropriate day for items such as lab coats and games/PE kit.

The diary should be kept in good condition with no missing pages or graffiti.

The Form Tutor will check each of their tutees’ planners on occasion.

Students must have their planner with them every day and it should be visible on their desk during every lesson. Students who forget to bring their planner to school will be issued with a behaviour point for the first offence.  Subsequent offences may result in a lunchtime detention.