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Student Stationery List

The following stationery items will be needed by students on a daily basis.  It would be very helpful if parents/carers could provide these, and check regularly if replacements are needed.  All items should be taken to all lessons in a long pencil case marked with the student’s name.

These should include:

 2 black pens, ballpoint or “handwriting” pens preferred (ink pens with cartridges are discouraged);

  • Red or green pen for underlining and making self and peer assessment comments
  • 2 HB pencils
  • pencil sharpener (of the type which holds sharpenings)
  • 2 erasers
  • scientific calculator (we recommend the Casio FX-83GT Plus)
  • 30cm clear plastic shatterproof ruler (named)
  • small clear protractor (180º)
  • pair of compasses
  • selection of colouring pencils (approx. 10 colours)
  • glue stick
  • small pair of safety scissors

 Students may also find highlighter pens useful for emphasising key terms or points in their exercise books.

While in the past students have found it useful to have a USB memory stick in school, they are often lost or misplaced.  They have access to OneDrive as part of the schools subscription to Office365 both in school and at home and we would recommend that they use this service. If they would prefer to use a USB stick please ensure that it is marked clearly with their name.