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Careers Information for Employers / Education Institutions

Employers, further education colleges, other sixth forms, apprenticeship providers and Higher Education Institutions:

Provider Access Policy

The school regularly welcomes employers through our doors for a number of reasons:

  1. We run events regularly showcasing apprenticeships and other opportunities from local and national employers.
  2. We run assemblies and “employer encounters” in other formats (online, as an example) and through visits by employers to our students and sometimes bespoke or specific audiences.  This depends on access and timetable complications and being able to gather consent from parents and students alike to this taking part, as well as consent from staff for the students to potentially miss lessons, if required.
  3. Our events also showcase colleges, other providers and Higher Education Institutions.
  4. We deliver assemblies and other events from Higher Education Institutions and other providers.
  5. We carry out mock interviews for a range of reasons, but particularly for Oxbridge, medical, veterinary and dental applications.  If you are interested in helping, please get in contact.
  6. We need alumni and others to make these events happen and so that our students can imagine their future helped by those visiting.
  7. These events are often sponsored by businesses, universities and others, including many parents.  Please get in contact if you wish to discuss this.

Contact details are: careers@poolegrammar.com or

Mark Hannington RCDP
Careers and Higher Education Advisor

Poole Grammar School: Gravel Hill | Poole | Dorset |  BH17 9JU

01202 692132 (extension 269)