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“We all must do Drama to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become”

Augusto Boal – Brazilian Theatre Director and Human Rights Activist

Year 7 Curriculum Content

Year 8 Curriculum Content





Ancient Greek Theatre-

The Chorus

(7 weeks)

Knowledge of key drama terms such as chorus, canon, echo, unison, and the key plot structure of Ancient Greek Theatre.    

Understanding of how to apply key choral techniques to a performance.

Skills: teamwork, vocality, physicality, ensemble,    

Men of Thebes Assessment.

Groups of 5 or 6. Choreograph and learn the final Choral Ode for the play.

2 Minutes


Ancient Greek Theatre-

Oedipus Rex

(5 weeks)


Knowledge of how to create and present a classical tragic theatre piece using mask    

Understanding the rules of working with and performing in a mask  

Skills: teamwork, script writing, devising, vocality, physicality, ensemble, improvisation, mask making     

Oedipus Assessment

Groups 5 or 6

Performance with Mask and Costume

5 minutes long Max


Medieval Morality Mummers Plays

(2 weeks)

Knowledge of the development of early English Theatre and specifically Christmas entertainment.  

Understanding the importance of characterisation, engagement and storytelling.

Skills: vocality, physicality, ensemble, improvisation   

No formal assessment for this short scheme of work for Christmas   


Medieval Morality Plays

(6 weeks)

Knowledge of the key role of morality in storytelling and creating drama.  

Understanding the key elements of morality plays such as a moral dilemma and punchline.  

Skills: vocality, physicality, comedic improvisation     

A group of 3-4 devised Morality Play

5 minutes long Max


Introduction to


 (6 weeks)

Knowledge of how to interpret a Shakespearean text and bring to life using sound and lighting

Understanding the importance of a central metaphor, interpretation and context.

Skills: teamwork, script writing, devising, vocality, physicality, improvisation   

Two assessments in this theme

A 2-minute group performance of opening scene of The Tempest

And a performance a Shakespeare monologue of no more than 14 lines           lasting 1 minute approx.  



Pyramus and Thisbe

 (5 weeks)

Knowledge of how to create a comedic scene in style of a play that goes wrong

Understanding the importance of characterisation and use of comic mistakes.  

Skills: vocality, physicality, improvisation, script writing, costume and mask making   

Group performance of Pyramus and Thisbe: the play that goes wrong.

5 minutes long Max


Commedia Dell Arte

Physical Comedy

(6 weeks)

Knowledge of how to create stock characters using physicality and character centres

Understanding the influence of Commedia on contemporary comic theatre

Skills: vocality, physicality, improvisation, comedic improvisation     

No formal assessment for this scheme of work. Students to complete a Drama      self-evaluation at the end of Year 8.