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School Development Plan 2021-22

 School Development Plan Summary

 Identified areas for development for 2021-2022 are:

1          Safeguarding

2          Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Development

3          Leadership

4          Pastoral Matters including behaviour and attendance

5          Assessment and Reporting

6          Communication with stakeholders and partnerships

7          Staff Development

8           Building and Resources

9          Admissions                 



Medium Term Goals

1.1 Update safeguarding training for all staff

1.2 Development of a culture of safeguarding throughout the school

1.2 to introduce a system for a rolling DBS programme for existing staff

1.3 to provide opportunities for both staff/ students and parents training / briefing on the safe use of social media

1.4 to introduce a more formalised system for governor oversight of recruitment process

1.5 To review school buildings and infrastructure in light if safeguarding requirements


  1. Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Development

Medium Term Goals

2.1 to develop Poole Grammar School’s learning ethos in the student population

2.2 Review the KS3 curriculum to ensure it is sufficiently challenging, carefully planned and sequenced– with a more detailed focus                            on named subjects

2.2a review the Model KS3 Music Curriculum (2021) and decide upon what aspects we wish to adopt



2.2b. Review the RE, History and Geography curriculum

·         https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/research-review-series-religious-education/research-review-series-religious-education

·         https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ofsted-publishes-research-review-on-geography

·         https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/research-review-series-history/research-review-series-

2.2c  Review the Science curriculum at KS3 (OfSTED)


2.3 Review the curriculum offer at KS3 and KS4 in MFL 


2.4 Review the curriculum provision at all key stages in all subjects


2.5 Communication with stakeholders regarding the curriculum – to review and improve how curriculum content / issues are shared                         with parent/carers

2.6  Review provision of CEIAG

2.8 Further embed the new SRE curriculum

2.9 Review GCSE and A level subject offer

2.10 Develop ‘COVID catch up plan’ – academic

2.11 Reflect on how curriculum is adapted for SEND students


  1. Leadership

Medium Term Goals

3.1 to review school priorities against the new OfSTED Framework

3.2 Developing process for ensuring quality of provision in the class room – review departmental scrutiny processes / lesson observation formats

3.3 Review into racism, discrimination, equality and diversity

3.4 Sexual violence and sexual harassment review

3.5 Promote LGBTQ inclusivity

3.6 Develop anti bullying

3.7 Governance

3.8 Sixth form review

 4. Pastoral matters including behaviour and attendance

Medium Term Goals

4.1 Set students’ expectations for behaviours for learning post COVID  

4.2 Consider strategies to help promote student resilience and mental health

4.3 Online parent evenings

4.4 Review how we access and utilise student voice

4.5 Use of COVID catch up funding for pastoral support

4.6 Tutor programme development

4.7 Monitor attendance and plan interventions for poor attendees

  1. Assessment and Reporting

Medium Term Goals

5.1 Review school feedback policy (links to curriculum development)

5.2  Develop the use of SISRA as a tool for monitoring the progress of identified student groups

5.3  Develop base line assessment approaches for students new to the school

5.4  Investigate use of target setting approaches for GCSE and A level

5.5  Review assessment and reporting calendar

 6. Communication with stakeholders / partnerships

Medium Term Goals

6.1 Develop the school’s marketing strategy

6.2 Consider how further the school could benefit from the skill set / experience of our alumni

6.3 Consider how we can widen our work with other schools

 7. Staff Development

Medium Term Goals

7.1 Streamline and focus approach to staff appraisal

7.2 To develop coaching opportunities for all staff

7.3 To continue support the well-being of staff

7.4 To develop staff awareness on cyber security matters 

7.5 To facilitate the Early Careers Framework for teachers new to the profession

 8. Building and Resources

Medium Term Goals

8.1 IT management – mitigation of risk from malware / cyber attacks

8.2 IT infrastructure

8.3 Health and Safety

8.4  Buildings programme

 9. Admissions

Medium Term Goals

9.1 Social Mobility – to develop the school’s existing outreach programme – with a focus of Year 5 and disadvantaged groups

9.2 Promote PGS as a post-16 provider in the wider community